Worst Show Ever

--- C.J. Boyd ---

Permatouring bassist C.J. Boyd meets up with fellow musicians while on the road to ask them about the worst shows they've played. Ranging from the hilarious to positively tragic, these stories give a glimpse into how things can go horribly wrong while just trying to play music for people.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 30 Feelgood (Feelgood & Friends) @ his home in Lompoc, CA (8/9/18)

    Feelgood played bass in a band with my dad before I was born. And when I started playing bass as a teenager, Feelgood would sometimes come over and show me how to play my favorite Pearl Jam and Green Day songs on the bass. He's been a gigging musician since ...


  2. 29 Cecilia McKinnon (Star Canyon) & Jazmyn Crosby (Glitter Vomit) @ Goldhaus in Albuquerque, NM (3/3/18)

    In this episode, we start by hearing about some of Cecilia's bummer shows in the kitchen of the Goldhaus, a mainstay of the house show scene in Albuquerque, when an interruption requires us to move the episode to a local restaurant to hear Jazmyn's stories. ...


  3. 28 Jesse Elliott (These United States) @ The Music District in Fort Collins, CO (3/8/18)

    Jesse Elliott of These United States shares a story from a Boise show that exemplifies what he calls "the sine wave life" of very high highs followed by very low lows while on tour. As someone who has toured extensively, it was great to hear about that roller coaster of ...


  4. 27 Hoja Lopez (Your Bones) @ her apartment in Chicago, IL (9/24/18)

    While I primarily know Hoja Lopez as an amazing vocalist and musician, her pick for worst show ever comes from an improv comedy gig she had in the suburbs of Houston. The conversation that follows is a continuation of the previous episode, in a completely different context and tone, but ...


  5. 26 Puma Simone @ The Public Library in New Haven, CT (10/25/18)

    Rapper Puma Simone and I met up at the New Haven Public Library to talk about the balance between spontaneity and preparedness, as well as the parallels between hip hop and comedy. ...