Worst Show Ever

--- C.J. Boyd ---

Permatouring bassist C.J. Boyd meets up with fellow musicians while on the road to ask them about the worst shows they've played. Ranging from the hilarious to positively tragic, these stories give a glimpse into how things can go horribly wrong while just trying to play music for people.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 25 Lindsay Schief (LAKE) @ Welcome Diner in Tucson, AZ (2/27/18)

    One of the founding memembers of LAKE, Lindsay Schief recounts a show that was made even worse by happening on a great night for everyone else. We also talk about a driver who nearly wrecked a whole tour, and more for the "awful soundguy" archives. ...


  2. 24 Jonny 5 (Flobots) @ his house in Denver, CO (9/1/18)

    Jonny 5 heads the hip-hop band Flobots, and has spent years combing music with activism. On this episode, we get to see some of the pitfalls of that combination, even if the overall effect is very much worth it. ...


  3. 23 Rachel Ratner (Wimps) @ Uwajimaya in Seattle, WA (5/1/18)

    Rachel shares some zany romps with her band Wimps while they're out on tour. Adventures include fun stuff like birthday cake, underwear, and funerals. ...


  4. 22 Red Hunter (Peter & the Wolf) @ Spread Art in Detroit, MI (9/30/18)

    I had a serendipitous encounter with an old friend and one of my favorite songwriters, Red Hunter, as he'd just moved to Detroit a few days before I happened to be playing there. I knew before I’d even asked that Red had seen some shit on the road, and would ...


  5. 21 Amanda Lee @ her apartent in Brooklyn, NY (10/29/18)

    Amanda is a dear friend whose harrowing tale of an entitled shitty dude was among the stories that inspired this dear podcast. Eschewing my usual practice of asking friends to be on the show and letting them tell any story they want without hearing it first, I specifically asked Amanda ...