Worst Show Ever

--- C.J. Boyd ---

Permatouring bassist C.J. Boyd meets up with fellow musicians while on the road to ask them about the worst shows they've played. Ranging from the hilarious to positively tragic, these stories give a glimpse into how things can go horribly wrong while just trying to play music for people.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 20 Jolie Holland @ her home in Los Angeles, CA (8/6/18)

    Jolie and her partner Steve had me over to their apartment for a great conversation and eventually some toast with jam. We get into sexism and bullying in the music industry, along with stories of existential dread. ...


  2. 19 Ralph White (Bad Livers) @ Torchy's in Austin, TX (2/20/18)

    One of the shorter encounters, this brief lunch date with Ralph White features some zen wisdom from the consummate roots musician and veteran road dog. ...


  3. 18 Jessica Catron (Missincinatti) @ her house in Missoula, MT (3/10/18)

    Jessica Catron and I engage in a lengthy exploration of the question, “What will poor desperate musicians do for money?” The answers may surprise you. ...


  4. 17 Eleanor Murray (Cavegreen) @ Olympia Coffee Roasting Company in Olympia, WA (5/13/18)

    Eleanor Murray, one of the most moving songwriters I know, nervously shares her stories of Los Angeles over-stimulation in the face of her intimate performances. ...


  5. 16 Candace Harter (Darto) @ Tougo Coffee in Seattle, WA (4/3/18)

    Candace warms us up with a story about a funny pre-show encouter in Kansas, and then tells a heartbreaking tale of misfortune on the first day of tour. A classic example of how comedy = tragedy plus time. ...