Worst Show Ever

--- C.J. Boyd ---

Permatouring bassist C.J. Boyd meets up with fellow musicians while on the road to ask them about the worst shows they've played. Ranging from the hilarious to positively tragic, these stories give a glimpse into how things can go horribly wrong while just trying to play music for people.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 55 Neil Campau (World History) & Ellie Avis (Electrician) @ their home in Williams, OR (5/29/18)

    Neil Campau and Ellie Avis are true road warriors, having actually taken a newborn on tour in an RV for a few years. Neil also created the invaluable DIY venue resource DoDIY.org, which I have to personally thank for helping me set up more shows over the last decade than ...


  2. 54 Keelin Mayer (Abronia) @ Colonel Summers Park in Portland, OR (5/25/18)

    Keelin and I sat down in a lovely park on a lovely day in Portland to talk about, as she put it, "crazy men with huge fucking egos". Keelin shares a few stories involving some interactions of her bands Fake Lake and Scalpels with bands who are a pretty big ...


  3. 53 Kenseth Thibideau (Sleeping People) @ Singing Serpent in San Diego, CA (7/31/18)

    On the week that marks the one year anniversary of releasing these stories of terrible shows, I wanted to celebrate the occasion by featuring one of my musical heroes, Kenseth Thibideau. He used to play in Rumah Sakit and Tarentel, 2 San Francisco bands that altered the course of my ...


  4. 52 Eric Crespo (Ghost to Falco) @ his house in Portland, OR (5/16/18)

    On this week's episode, Eric Crespo insists he doesn't have a worst show, but he tells the story of a show in Bakersfield in which they had no place to stay, and goes on to relate several unfortunate events on the road. ...


  5. 51 Andrew Barr (The Slip) outside the Barr Bros studio in Montreal, QC (10/9/18)

    Drummer Andrew Barr of The Slip tells a story of flying to Europe to play with Lhasa de Sela, and the highly illegal things he was willing to do in order not to miss the show. ...