Worst Show Ever

--- C.J. Boyd ---

Permatouring bassist C.J. Boyd meets up with fellow musicians while on the road to ask them about the worst shows they've played. Ranging from the hilarious to positively tragic, these stories give a glimpse into how things can go horribly wrong while just trying to play music for people.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 35 Jenny Wood (Team Tremolo) @ ICT Fest in Wichita, KS (9/8/18)

    Jenny Wood tells her story of a show that paid well, but sucked the soul out of her. We also discus how helpful random men at shows have been, going so far as to insist on writing her lyrics and give unsolicited business advice. ...


  2. 34 Haydeé Jiménez (Hidhawk) @ Net Net in Tijuana, BC, Mexico (8/3/18)

    Haydeé Jiménez and I discuss her shittiest show, which was her very first show. And since this was my first episode in the Mexican border town of Tijuana, and since Haydeé runs an organization called "Borderland Noise", we got into issues of crossing borders in more ways than one. ...


  3. 33 Will Oldham (Bonnie "Prince" Billy) @ his home in Louisville, KY (12/10/18)

    One of our generation's consummate songwriters tells a story of dishonesty and the aggravating effects it can have on tour. We explore the different ways dishonesty manifests in the music industry, and what musicians do to avoid it. ...


  4. 32 Emily Cross (Cross Record) & Sarah Gautier (Thor & Friends) @ Pease District Park in Austin, TX (2/19/18)

    In one of the first episodes recorded (before I learned the importance of a windscreen for recording outside), I met up with Emily Cross and Sarah Gautier in a lovely Austin park where I probed them for stories of awful shows. Tales of sexism, rudeness, and inept soundguys are among ...


  5. 31 Kyle Field (Little Wings) @ Sycamore Cove in Venture County, CA (8/9/18)

    Kyle Field (aka Little Wings) shares this hilarious adventure of a tale as we perch on a cliff above the gorgeous roaring sea in California. He recounts the days when his "ban the plan" motto got him into considerable trouble, as well as providing wonderful stories. ...